How it Works

The Heritage Home Program℠ offers a range of services that help you repair, maintain, and rehab your older home, while retaining the architectural features and increasing its value.

Since 1992, we have provided over 9,000 homeowners with helpful technical advice on projects in excess of $200 million. Additionally, our loan program has facilitated the revitalization of over 1,200 houses with projects totaling over $46 million in neighborhood reinvestment. To see where the Heritage Home Program is offered click here.

» Technical Advice

We offer site visits, color consults, construction advice, and home maintenance best practices. You must reside in a participating community to be eligible for free technical assistance.

» Workshops

Information about our educational programs & lectures.

» Loans

We provide fixed-rate financing as low as 1.4% with project guidance for your older home.


Homeowner Gallery

View some of our homeowner projects.

We Can Help

Our old house experts can answer questions about repairs, materials, contractors and much more. Contact a technical staff member today.

In Cuyahoga County: (216) 426-3116 | Outside of Cuyahoga County: 1-855-897-1949 or by email.