Qualify for a Loan

Repairing, maintaining or rehabbing an older home can be a challenge. The Heritage Home Program℠ is here to help. The Heritage Home Program℠ loan is a low-interest fixed-rate home equity loan program for homeowners interested in maintaining and improving their older houses.

Your home does NOT need to be historic and does not need to be in an historic district -- it only needs to have been built prior to 1964.

  • Is your home located in a participating community?
    If not, for a fee you can take advantage of our technical advice services.
  • Is your house at least 50 years old?
    The home must be 50 years or older.
  • Is the property zoned residential?
    The property must be zoned residential.
  • Does the home contain three occupany units or less?
    Both owner occupied and non-owner occupied rental properties of 3 units or less qualify for the loan.
  • Has your project already started?
    Work that has already started cannot be funded with loan proceeds.
  • Is there equity in the home?
    The loan amount is based on the available equity in your home and tailored to the project scope. If limited equity is available, the bank may use an after-rehab appraisal and base equity on the projected value of the house after the projects are complete.
  • Are the property taxes current?
    Property taxes must be up-to-date.
  • Is there more than one existing lien on the property?
    The Heritage Home Program loan can be a first or second lien on the property, but it cannot be the third.
  • Is homeowners insurance in place for the property?
    The property must be insured.
  • Does your project qualify?
    Typical project examples are: roof repair and replacement, painting, insulation, window repair and replacement, basement waterproofing, masonry repair, kitchen and bath renovation, additions, finished attic and basement, and electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
  • Your project cannot involve:
    • Vinyl siding or vinyl windows
    • Luxury items such as hot tubs or swimming pools
    • New decks
    • Incompatible additions

We Can Help

If you have questions about your home's eligibility contact, a technical staff member today.

In Cuyahoga County: (216) 426-3116 | Outside of Cuyahoga County: 1-855-897-1949 or by email.

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