Our team of highly trained professionals understands what makes older houses tick. Eager to share our knowledge and experience, we have developed a series of educational workshops that address your home maintenance and rehab issues.

Our workshops are typically provided at your local library in coordination with partnering agencies such as historical societies and community development organizations.

These sessions are provided as a complimentary service in our partner communities. Other communities and organizations can also host a workshop for a nominal fee.

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The following is a list of programs we have available:

The American Home Interior: Treatment and Transformation »
We will explore the ever evolving American interior over a fascinating 100-year period, beginning in the 1850’s. Major emphasis on stylistic trends from Classical Revival, Victorian Aesthetic Period, Arts & Crafts, Colonial Revival and Mid-Century Modern will be showcased. If you own an old house and are in the midst of your own transformation, I’m sure you’ve wondered about appropriate treatments and furnishings. Come and find inspiration for the period interior!
Designing an Appropriate Addition for an Old House »
Planning an addition for an older home can be tricky. We help you with important elements such as scale, massing and trim details that blend the old with the new. Functional issues for new square footage and surviving the temporary inconveniences of construction will also be addressed.
Exterior Painting & Historic Color »
This program examines different types of paint failure, highlights what to look for when hiring a painting contractor, reviews historic color schemes and provides tips on selecting and placing appropriate colors on older homes.
Interior Painting in an Older Home »
Have you ever imagined what the interior of your house looked like originally? Maybe you would like to redecorate and be “sensitive” to your house’s architectural style. This program will explore various trends of historic painting and take a look at different types of paint & finishes. Also learn proper technique for prepping surfaces, repairing plaster, stripping wood work and analyzing paint samples.
Landscaping by Style »
Whether a country field or a manicured lawn, landscapes help define our sense of place. Join a discussion on a brief history of landscape design and explore traditional yards and gardens types for different architectural styles found in Northeast Ohio. Focus will be on regional residential architecture and the associated traditional yard and garden types.
Maintenance and Efficiency »
All houses need continual maintenance to keep them looking their best. We will take a top to bottom approach at typical old house maintenance issues. The session will outline ways to spot problems before they become headaches and provides useful information on ways to make your older home more energy efficient without breaking the bank.
Planning a Rehab Project »
Are you planning a rehab project at your home? This program will teach you how to plan for the project, how to choose the right contractor for the job, and what to look for when reviewing bids.
Porches: History, Design and Construction »
Whether your porch is Victorian or Colonial Revival, it takes a beating in our Northeast Ohio climate. We will look at common construction and deterioration issues and propose methods for repair and replacement of lost details. Additionally, you’ll enjoy our look at the evolution of the American porch from humble masonry stoops to fully furnished verandahs.
Preservation 101 »
This program outlines the similarities and differences between local and national historic districts, the various benefits of each type of district and how to create these special areas. The national standards for rehabilitation are explained as well as what makes an older home historic.
Recently Historic: Houses of the 1950’s - 1960’s »
This program explores more recently ‘historic’ housing types including ranch and split level style houses. Discussion items include: placing these houses in a historic context, examining character defining features and planning sensitive rehabilitation work.
Think Green! Preservation & Sustainability in Your Older Home »
Sustainable initiatives and preservation can go hand and hand. This program outlines the simple ways owners of older homes can think green and be environ- mentally sensitive without changing the historic character of their home or breaking their budget.
Why Preservation? »
What are the important architectural features on an older house? What should be repaired rather than replaced? This program looks at importance of taking a preservation approach in our homes and neighborhoods. It also highlights some common preservation blunders.
Wood Windows: Repair or Replace? »
“Buy 3 new windows get one free!” There are plenty of replacement window models, manufacturers, and deals on the market, but what is the truth about window replacement? If there was an ad, it might read, “Keep all your windows for free and repair them for 50% less than replacement windows!” This workshop will review window efficiency, available window materials, appropriate architectural style and a cost analysis of repair vs. replacement with tips on how to tackle a window restoration or replacement in your older home.

Workshop Information

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