February 2017

February 4, 2017

Energy Efficiency in Older Homes

As we continue through the depths of winter in Northeast Ohio, many homeowners call the Heritage Home Program for advice on how to weatherize and improve energy efficiency in their older homes. A site visit from our construction specialist can be a helpful place to start. From discussing approaches to weatherizing walls without ripping into original plaster, to learning more about the pros-and-cons of blown-in insulation or installing batt insulation below the roof of an attic space, Heritage staff can assist with guiding homeowners through the process and provide contact information for companies who may be able to bid out their work. 
Repairing existing windows and installing user-friendly storm windows offer additional cost and energy saving benefits, but some homeowners are not sure where to look for custom-made options that can fit their historic window frames. The Heritage Home Program maintains a database of contractors who work in your service area and have completed projects with homeowners through the program in the past. Starting with a site visit to discuss options, followed by sharing contact information for your homeowners’ specific projects, positions each homeowner to get the job done.