January 2018

January 4, 2018

Three Projects you can tackle in the wintertime

Photo Credit: Denise Krebs, Flickr.com, Creative Commons
  • Interior Painting – While we might not be able to put on exterior paint when the temperature drops, this time of year is actually ideal for interior painting.  The dry winter air greatly hastens the drying process, which turns into a real time-saver for the application of multiple layers.


  • Insulate Pipes and Water Heater – Often overlooked by homeowners of otherwise well-insulated homes, investing in a pipe and water heater insulation kit, available at your local hardware store, can be a big help if that first winter energy bill was more than you had hoped.


  • Get Organized! – Now that you’re stuck indoors for the most part, this is a golden opportunity to spend time organizing your home.  A well-organized home will make projects you undertake over the rest of the year much less challenging. Consider tackling that basement or attic!