November 2016

November 4, 2016

Start planning now for 2017 home improvement projects!

Please consider sharing this with homeowners online or in media the next time you mention the Heritage Home Program.

Whether you’re considering minor updates to your kitchen or an extensive porch rebuild, the winter months are a great time to sit down and start planning for future home repair, maintenance and improvement projects. Consider the following strategies to ensure your projects run smoothly come construction season:
  • Make a list & don’t rush into it. Allowing yourself enough time to fully think through a project will lead to more satisfying results. Encourage homeowners in your city to schedule a free site visit with Heritage staff this winter to discuss options and prioritize their projects.
  • Outline a budget and investigate financing options. Start by getting an idea about what you might expect to pay for your projects. Heritage staff can provide ballpark estimates during your site visit, and reaching out to contractors for written estimates will help you identify and plan your budget for the New Year. If homeowners are interested in financing their projects through the Heritage loan, starting the application process this winter will allow your projects to “break ground” more quickly come spring.
  • Get on the contractor’s schedule. Particularly for weather-dependent projects like exterior painting and carpentry or driveway repair, contractors often book up for the season early. Start reaching out to contractors for estimates early in the season to ensure your project will be completed in 2017. 


Homeowners can schedule a free site visit with Heritage Home Program staff Monday through Friday during the winter months. Call 216-426-3116 to schedule an appointment.