Loan Details

Our low interest, fixed-rate loan is available through our lending partners, Key Bank and Third Federal , and can be used for a variety of interior and exterior home repair and rehab projects.

You must live in a Participating Community to apply. Rates differ for residents of the City of Cleveland and the rest of Cuyahoga County.

Loan details for all the communities can be found in Program Resources.

Within the City of Cleveland

detailed information on cleveland loans

Cuyahoga County

(except City of Cleveland)

detailed information on cuyahoga county loans

Interest rates are reviewed regularly by the bank and may change. Interest rates and terms noted above are current as of 3/16/2023. Once the loan is closed, the current rate is fixed for the life of the loan.
*Interest rates effective as of 3/16/2023, are subject to change and available for loan amounts between $5,200-$150,000. Annual Percentage Rate based on $75,000 loan amount with 80% LTV based on appraisal.
** OHFA income limits as of 7/14/2022 in Cuyahoga County are as follows: Maximum annual household income of $68,320.00. Call the HHP for more details.


  • Homeowner must meet bank’s lending criteria
  • Construction work cannot start or materials ordered until loan is closed
  • Loan is based on available equity
  • In some scenarios, an "after-rehab" appraisal will be used to help establish equity
  • All loans funds will be escrowed through Cleveland Restoration Society and released to the contractor as progress is made on the project; down payments cannot be funded with loan funds
  • Homeowners and contractors must follow Heritage Home Program specifications for exterior work
  • Contractors must pull permits and be properly licensed
  • Project must be completed in eighteen months
  • Contracts must be signed by Homeowner and your Contractor. Samples of our contracts can be found here: Sample Escrow Agreement and Sample Construction Contract

Loan applications and printable information packets can be found in our Program Resources.