The Heritage Home Program℠ offers a range of services that help repair, maintain, and rehab your older home, while retaining architectural features and increasing your home’s value.

If you live in a home that is at least 50 years old and is located in one of our Participating Communities you can take advantage of the following services for FREE:

  • Site visits from a construction specialist to review your home improvement projects and to answer home repair and maintenance questions
  • Recommendations on maintenance, repair, rehab, additions, and modernizations
  • Information on local contractors
  • Review of contractor bids and estimates
  • Advice on energy efficiency methods
  • Guidance on materials, supplies, and resources
  • Color consults for exterior painting

Ask our old house experts for help! Fill out our Technical Assistance Form with information about your property and project. A technical staff member will contact you from there.

Homeowners in non-participating communities, commercial building owners, churches, organizations, and municipalities seeking impartial advice on their older or historic property can obtain technical assistance by the payment of a modest fee.

Are you curious about what the Heritage Home Program℠ is looking for when we review contractor bids and estimates? Look over our Construction Specifications and find out!

Your project may require a permit - our Permit Information will help you find out if your project requires a permit to be posted.

Is your property in a Design Review District? Are you curious if your community reviews renovations or changes to a home? Visit our Architectural and Design Review Boards page for more information.

How old is your home?
County GIS Links
How old is your home?

Homes need to be 50 years or older to qualify for the Heritage Home Program – but do you know the age of your home?

Tax records, historic maps, and looking at the original details in the home can be great ways of finding out the year or range of years that the home may have been built in.

A great way to find out the year your home was built is by looking at the county records. Many counties have embraced GIS technology and have searchable maps online that you can use to find your property by the address, parcel number, or property owner’s name. The information on these maps come from the county Auditor’s office or the Fiscal Officer, depending on the county, and can give tax information, building information, previous property transfers, and more!

Check out the County GIS Links to find your county and begin your search!

County GIS Links

Cuyahoga County: My Place

Geauga County: REALink

Lorain County: Lorain County GIS Map

Lucas County: AREIS Online

Summit County: Parcel Viewer

The Heritage Home Program℠ is not affiliated with any contractor or company and does not sell products. Heritage opinions are always impartial, knowledgeable, and experienced in the field.